Yumi Eco Solutions

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Yumi Eco Solutions has a mission to create a healthier and better world now and for future generations by replacing plastic with eco-friendly natural products. The Yumi Eco Solutions brand does this by offering a beautiful eco-friendly line of both reusable and disposable products.  The best part of the Yumi Eco Solutions line is that all of Yumi’s products replace plastics made from fossil fuels with renewable and sustainable plant material. 


The Yumi Eco Solutions provides two eco-friendly lines to help with your dining needs:

  • The Yumi Eco Solution Return® brand includes event friendly disposable dinnerware made from natural starch is truly “the throw away that goes away”®.
  • The Yumi Eco Solution durable Nature⁺ line of reusable products are made from renewable bamboo, helping you ensure that your dining needs are as eco-friendly as possible.
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