Wash Cloths

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Organic wash cloths help to green your daily bathing ritual and protect the environment. The perfect companion to organic shampoos and conditioners and natural soaps and skin care products, our organic wash cloths are made from natural fibers harvested from plants that were grown without pesticides. Free of synthetic dyes, the wash cloths are gentle on the skin and have a luxurious, soft feel. Affordably priced and gentle on the skin, the natural wash cloths also make great gifts for adding to spa baskets and gift sets.

In addition to being used in the shower, the natural wash cloths available at the Paperless Kitchen are handy for wiping up messes and cleaning up hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. You can use them for wet dusting in every room of your house or replace your disposable scouring pad by using one to do the dishes. The ways that you can use the organic wash cloths are virtually limitless. Pick up a few for your home!

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