EAT Cleaner

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To protect your family from food-borne illnesses and be friendlier to the planet, rely on Eat Cleaner veggie and fruit cleaners. The formulas in the Eat Cleaner collection have been clinically proven to be 99.9 percent more effective than water at eliminating germs, dirt and chemical impurities from the foods we eat. Plus, Eat Cleaner products are naturally-derived, so they're friendlier to the planet than many other produce cleaners. As an added benefit, using biodegradable Eat Cleaner wipes on your fresh fruit and vegetables doubles their shelf life, reducing the risk of food spoilage and waste.

At Paperless Kitchen, we carry a full line of Eat Cleaner products, giving you the freedom to choose the produce wipes variety that is most convenient for you. Whether you want a canister to place by the sink or individual wipes to use while on the go, there's something for you in the Eat Cleaner range. Shop the collection now!

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