Paper and Plastic Bag Alternatives

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Ever year, Americans use 10.2 billion plastic bags, and only about 1 percent of these become recycled. The others wind up as litter and trash that won't break down in landfills for decades. Paper bags are hardly a greener alternative, as they use more energy for their manufacturing and are the products of deforestation. By taking steps to cut down on the amount of paper and plastic bags that you use for carrying lunches or for shopping, you can make a real difference in the health of the planet.

Our collection of paper and plastic bags here at Paperless Kitchen includes green solutions to help you decrease the size of your eco-footprint. Our product are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be reusable unlike paper lunch bags and plastic shopping bags. Explore our collection now to find the ultimate solutions to take the place of paper and plastic bags in your home.

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