Plastic Silverware Alternatives

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If you laid all of the disposable silverware and paper plates that we use in the United States end to end, you'd have enough trash to travel around the Equator three times! This shocking fact points to the importance of making a commitment to reduce your use of plastic silverware. By choosing green disposables or reusable products to use in place of plastic silverware in your children's lunches, in your own lunch, when you entertain and when you're eating in a hurry at home, you can make a real difference in the amount of waste that you and your family produce everyday.

Paperless Kitchen makes switching from plastic silverware to green disposables as simple as possible. We select only the best plastic silverware alternatives to use on our site, so you can be certain of the quality of everything that you see. Browse our selection of bamboo, plant starch and other green disposable silverware options today!
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