The Worst Toxins in Kids' Products

This week, the Washington Toxics Coalition released a report that summarizes the findings of an examination of over 4,605 children's products sold in the state of Washington. The coalition's job is to monitor these products in accordance with the Children's Safe Products Act, which requires manufacturers of products for kids to report the use of potentially harmful materials in their products.


The report from the WTC shows six different types of products where there are particularly dangerous levels of chemicals: children's tops, which contain phthalate toxins; dolls and stuffed animals that contain BPA; plastic vehicles that contain a carcinogenic flame retardant; baby car seats, which are made with carcinogenic flame retardants; children's tableware, which was found to contain formaldehyde and kids' personal care products, which were laden with toxic parabens.


The report shows how choosing green products for kids can greatly reduce their exposure to toxic materials. Paperless Kitchen can help you avoid carcinogens and reproductive and endocrine toxins in kids' products with many different products, including:


- Tableware from GREEN TOYS made from certified nontoxic recycled plastic


             Green Toys Green Eats Tabletop Set - 3 Pieces


- Tableware from BAMBU made from organic bamboo


               Bambu Bamdino Veneerware Bamboo Plate



                  Bambu Bamboo Bamdino Utensil Set


- Toys from GREEN TOYS made from recycled milk jugs


                               Green Toys Pizza Parlor Set 


- Tableware from GREEN SPROUTS made from nontoxic plastics and corn-based plastics



    Green Sprouts Eco-Friendly Cornstarch Divided Plate


- Tableware from THINKBABY fabricated out of nontoxic polypropylene plastic and stainless steel


                            thinkbaby BPA Free Teal Feeding Set




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