Introducing SKOY Cloth Multipacks

 Here at Paperless Kitchen, we're always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to go paperless, green their cleaning routines and discover new replacements for paper towels. One of our favorite paper towel alternatives is the SKOY cloth, a green cleaning cloth made from plant-based cellulose. The cloths are reusable and more absorbent than paper and deliver the cleaning power of 15 rolls of paper towels.

 SKOY cloths can be used for virtually any task that you would ordinarily use a paper towel for and to make it easier for you to replace paper towels completely in your home, we have put together money-saving SKOY Cloth Multipacks.

 We now have eight different multipack options to meet your green cleaning needs. If you're curious about SKOY cloths and want to give them a try, we recommend the SKOY Cloths Starter Set, which contains four cloths. To replace paper towels in your kitchen, we offer the standard SKOY Cloths Kitchen Set and the SKOY Cloths Deluxe Kitchen Set for larger families and bigger rooms.

 For those who use paper towels in both the kitchen and bathroom, we have added the SKOY Cloths Kitchen and Bathroom Set and the SKOY Cloths Deluxe Kitchen and Bathroom Set. There's also the SKOY Cloths Whole House Set available to replace paper towels wherever you use them in your home.

 To give every member of your family a SKOY Cloth to take with them to work or school, we suggest the SKOY Cloths Family Set, and we also have the SKOY Cloths Corporate Set available for businesses.

 To learn more about our sets, visit our product pages or contact us for assistance.

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