Green Paper Products

 While you can take steps to reduce paper consumption in your home and in the workplace, it's just not possible to avoid using paper altogether. Fortunately, you can make smart choices when it comes time to purchase paper and ensure that you're selecting products that are eco-friendly.

 Here are a few of our favorite environmentally friendly paper products.

 PaperEvolution Note Set in Recycled Denim - To write a letter in eco-friendly fashion, pick up a set of this green wonder, which is made from post-consumer recycled paper pulp and used blue jeans. The set includes five note cards and five envelopes all in a beautiful light blue color. 

Bungala SenS - This unique brown-tinted craft-type paper is made entirely from grass fibers. A special coarse grass that grows in Latvia is used in the design and gives the paper a smooth texture. Bungala sells SenS in two sizes and also does custom orders upon request.

 Crane's Crest - Since 1801, Crane has been producing their signature Crest line from 100 percent cotton. Available in a variety of finishes and colors, the paper is very versatile and can be used for many printing applications; however, you may have to shop around at several online retailers to find a full selection. 

EcoPaper Banana Paper - White in color and excellent for everyday printing, this paper is made from post-consumer recycled paper pulp and by-products from banana plantations. The paper is processed without the use of chlorine, and a percentage of its sales are donated to an orphanage located in Costa Rica.


Do you have a favorite eco-friendly paper that's not on our list? Tell us about it in the Comments section!

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