Five Great Green Gifts for Father's Day

 Father's Day is nearly upon us and that means it's time to start shopping on gifts to thank Dad for all he does. Even though I'm close to my Dad, shopping for him is always a challenge, as he just doesn't ever seem to need anything. If you find yourself facing the same Dad-gift dilemma, consider buying your father a green gift for Father's Day.

Here are our top five gift ideas for green Dads:

1. e-Cloth e-Carcare Interior Car Cleaning Kit - Your Dad love his car or truck. He loses track of time when he's out in the garage working on it or washing it, and maybe it happens so often you wonder just what he's doing out there. If this sounds familiar, the e-Cloth e-Carcare Interior Car Cleaning Kit is right up Dad's alley. This handy set includes green cleaning cloths designed for windshields, mirrors, metal trim, dashboards and consoles. With them, Dad can clean his vehicle with just plain water, and there's a handy laundry bag included for washing and storage.


2. To-Go Ware Tiffin Stainless Steel Food Carrier - Dad's idea of a perfect day starts at dawn and involves heading out to the lake with his fishing pole and tackle box. Or maybe he's the type that enjoys hiking and soaking in the beauty of the great outdoors in his free time. The To-Go Ware Tiffin Stainless Steel Food Carrier is a great gift for Dads who frequently dine outdoors, as it keeps entrees and side dishes separated and at the perfect temperature until it's time to enjoy them. The carrier stacks and cloth shoulder bag holders are available for it separately to make the tiffin even easier to travel with.


3. PeopleTowels Five Day Supply High Five Set - Dad loves to stay active. He's always hitting the gym or going out for a run, and he works hard to stay healthy and in peak physical condition. The PeopleTowels Five Day Supply High Five Set will help Dad stay dry and comfortable during his workouts with his 100 percent certified organic weave. Square in shape and easy to pack in a gym bag, PeopleTowels are printed with low-impact inks that make them even better for the environment. Dad will get five towels in this set, meaning he'll always have one waiting when it's time to hit the gym.


4. Full Circle The Ring Scrub Brush - Your dad is passionate about the lawn and spends all of his free time planting, weeding and otherwise tending to his garden. It keeps him active and happy, but it also can take its toll on his hands and fingernails. The Ring Scrub Brush from Full Circle is a unique eco-friendly brush designed for both the kitchen and the bathroom. The brushes are sold by the dozen, so Dad will have one to place in the work sink and one to place in the bathroom for his hands. Plus, Dad can use some of the spares to clean his fruits and veggies and have a few left over for replacements.

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