Paperless Kitchen Tested: thinkBaby BPA Free Kids Cup

As a part of introducing our Back to School collection on Paperless Kitchen, I've spent some time investigating some of our newer products. First up is the thinkBaby BPA Free Kids Cup.



The Basics


The thinkBaby BPA Free Kids Cup is a BPA-free drinking cup intended for children. It is outfitted with a removable stainless steel liner and has an orange plastic exterior with a handle. The cup holds about 9 ounces of fluid. When I first opened the package, I was struck by how heavy the cup is. You can tell that it's really solidly crafted. It doesn't have that chinsy, flimsy feeling in the handle that you find in a lot of plastic cups.


The Drink


Since I know of only one way to test a cup, I filled it up with some coffee. Even though the cup doesn't have a lid, I felt like my drink stayed a lot hotter than it did in an ordinary coffee cup. The cup also didn't feel hot to the touch, so it was easy to drink from. I was worried that the liner would move when I sipped because it lifts out really easily, but I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't move at all.


The Wash


I decided to give the cup a wash up in the sink and wash it in the dishwasher for my road test. It was really easy to clean both ways and looked good as new after washing it in the bottom rack of the dishwasher.


The Takeaway


I know this cup is for kids, but I intend to keep using it. It just says "Think" on the front, so I think I can get away with it. Even if I can't, it's too good of a cup to care.

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