BPA Linked to Miscarriages

In a previous blog post, we have discussed governmental pushes to reduce or eliminate BPA in consumer products. Now, a new study conducted by the Stanford University Medical Center indicates that BPA can be harmful not only to developing babies but also to fetuses.


The study examined two sets of blood samples from 114 pregnant women, comparing the levels of BPA from the first set to a set taken either after a woman miscarried or gave birth. The women who had the highest levels of BPA in their samples were at 80 percent increased risk for having a miscarriage when compared to those who had the lowest levels.


While this is a relatively small study and more research is needed to know for sure if BPA contributes to miscarriages, the study does suggest that pregnant women may be wise to limit their exposure to BPA by avoiding plastics made with the additive and metal products that are lined with it.



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