New Green Toys Products Waiting to Be Discovered

We've carried Green Toys recycled plastic toys since we opened, and we've heard plenty of great feedback about the quality of these nontoxic alternatives to the ordinary toys on the market. Recently, we had the opportunity to expand our line of Green Toys products, and we're pleased to unveil the new items:

- Green Toys Green Eats Divided Plates - These nontoxic recycled plastic plates are ideal paper plate alternatives that can be washed and reused multiple times. The plates are sold in 2-packs and come in four colors.



- Green Toys Green Eats Dinnerware Sets - The cup, bowl and plate in this three-piece set are each designed for little hands. The plastic is nontoxic and recycled.



- Green Toys Pizza Parlor Set - A great holiday gift idea, this food-safe, nontoxic set lets kids imagine their own pizza parlors. The set even comes with a pizza box, a slicer and order forms for pretend play.



You can check out these in all of our other Green Toys products on our brand homepage.


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