10 Things to Love About the thinkBaby All-in-One

We recently added a brand new thinkBaby product to our inventory, and we're excited to share all of its features with you. The thinkBaby All-in-One is a money-saving set that will simplify life. Here are 10 reasons why we love this set and why you will too.       

1. It's a complete feeding/drinking system for child from Birth to age 4.

2. Pediatricians were involved in the design of the components of this system.

3. The set comes with everything you need for 2 thiknBaby baby bottles, 2 thinkBaby sippy cups and 2 thinkster straw cups.

4. All of the components are free of toxins, including BPA and phthalates.

5. The thinkBaby nipples are designed to reduce colic and have a natural feel.

6. thinkBaby sippy cup spouts are soft and more similar to bottle nipples, making the transition to drinking from a cup easier.

7. The thinkster Straw Cup is an award winning design and won't spill or leak.

8. thinkBaby products are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

9. Whether you're using it as a bottle, a sippy cup or straw cup, the design ensures that your baby or toddler's s little fingers can grip it with ease.

10. Less packaging waste is created by getting all three components at once.


So there you have it--10 great reasons to love the thinkBaby All-in-One. Why do you love it? Tell us in the "Comments" section.





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