A Paperless Kitchen Review of the ChicoBag Produce Stand Starter Set



As a follow-up to my review of the ChicoBag Original Boysenberry Bag, I did a test of the ChicoBag Produce Stand Starter Set. These bags are designed to be used at the grocery store in place of the throwaway plastic bags in the produce section, but you can easily take them to a farmer's market or with you for other kinds of shopping.




Here's a rundown on my impressions of the set:


- The Produce Stand Hemp Cotton Bag is the one designed for bulk foods that don't need to breathe as much as other types of produce. The company recommends that you use it for nuts, grains and the like. The hemp is very soft, and it held up well to washing. It's easy to close and you can fill it very full because the fabric has some give.


- The Produce Stand Mesh Bag is the piece in the trio for more perishable produce. The bag lets air circulate, so it's good for apples, potatoes, oranges and similar foods. This one doesn't have as much give, but it's plenty big, so it's possible to get a large load of produce at once.


- The Produce Stand rePETe Bag locks in air and moisture, and it's design for broccoli, squash, carrots and similar vegetables. For some reason, this one was the easiest for me to close, and I also think it looked the best when it came out of the washing machine.


- The Apple Holder - The idea behind the apple holder is cute. You can roll up the bags and then put them inside and attach the holder to a bag with the included carabiner. The concept is great, but I had a hard time putting it into practice. I could fit two bags in easily, but the third one was a tight fit. I was worried they were going to fall out. In the end, I decided to just put the apple and the bags inside of the pouch for the ChicoBag Hobo. Problem solved!




In conclusion, the problem with the Apple Holder didn't limit my ability to benefit from the Produce Starter Set. Despite this small shortcoming, I would definitely recommend the bags. You can also purchase three-packs of each bag in the set if you'd prefer to stock up on one particular kind.


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