A Paperless Kitchen Review of the ChicoBag Boysenberry Hobo Bag



We recently added the ChicoBag collection to Paperless Kitchen, and I picked up a couple of samples to take for a test drive. I decided to try out the Hobo ChicoBag in Boysenberry for my first test. The bag is folded up in its pouch when it arrives, so I unfolded it and took a look. It was pretty wrinkled, of course, but I could tell it really had a lot of space inside.




I folded it back up into the pouch very easily and took it with me to the grocery store. The pouch was a little bulky, but I was able to fit it easily into my purse. When it came time to check out, I unfolded my ChicoBag while I waited in line.




The guy who was bagging groceries oggled by bag, and I told him I wanted to see how much would fit inside. He obliged me, and we loaded it up. You can see from the photograph how much the bag held. I ended up with one plastic shopping bag and one ChicoBag and headed home.




Needless to say, the ChicoBag was much easier to carry and more comfortable. I didn't have the worry about the bag breaking like I had with its plastic counterpart. My favorite part about the bag is the magnetic closure pocket. Unlike other magnetic bags I've tried in the past, it actually seals the bag very tightly.

The ChicoBag is definitely something I'll use again when I shop. To completely be bag free, I'll need to buy two, which will carry the equivalent of a full shopping basket.


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