Potential Plastic Bag Ban In Chicago

Hot on the heels of San Francisco announcing their plastic water bottle ban at events on city property, Chicago City Council members are now discussing a possible ban on single use plastic bags in the city.


The law will impact all retailers in the city; however, the sponsor of the law, Ald. “Proco” Joe Moreno says that they will likely roll the enforcement of the bill out slowly, giving small businesses time to make the necessary adjustments.


So far, there is a lot of opposition to the bill. Retailers are most concerned with the fact that there is no tax on paper bags as a part of the law. They say that businesses will be hurt by having to purchase more expensive paper bags or compostable bags.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel has so far said he was not in support of a plastic bag ban, but Moreno states that there are enough votes to carry the ban regardless of whether or not the Mayor supports it. We'll keep you up to date on the story as it unfolds.



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