Introducing Brand New Eco Chic Dinnerware From Leafware

Who knew palm tree leaves could be so stylish? Leafware is proof that disposable dinnerware can be every bit as fashionable as the reusable stuff and have a tiny eco footprint at the same time.

If you're hearing about this brand for the first time, Leafware makes dinnerware by collecting palm leaves that have fallen from trees, sterilizing them and then drying them to create a highly temperature resistant, moisture resistant material with a gorgeous earthy color. The dinnerware is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, making it much greener than paper and plastic. It's also stronger than paper and won't buckle even if it's piled up high with something delicious.

What makes Leafware so unique is that their dinnerware is available in a number of specialty designs that you don't find in ordinary disposable dinnerware collections. Our newest products only add more options to the already diverse offerings available to help you make a dinner party elegant and green. Some of the new items include:

- Leafware Heart Shaped Plates - Perfect for bridal showers and weddings, these 6" Plates are the right size for appetizers, sides and desserts of all kinds. You can purchase them in quantities of 25 or 400.



- Leafware 10 Inch Round Deep Plates - These plates and pasta are a perfect match, and they're also ideal for entree salads. We're currently selling them in packs of 25 and 250.

- Leafware 9 Inch Round Plates - The plates are a little smaller than the 10-Inch pasta plates, and they're flat for serving things like round personal pizzas and sandwiches in style. They're sold in packs of 25 and bulk boxes of 400.

- Leafware 6 Inch Round Plates - This smaller version of the 9-inch plates is a great option for placing next to your hors d'oeurves spread or for serving cake or starters. The plates are sold in the same quantities as their bigger brother: 25 and 400.

- Leafware 11" x 7” Trays - You can use these long trays as small serving dishes or platters for big sandwiches, sushi and other fare. We're currently selling them in 25 packs and in bulk quantities of 400.

- Leafware Party Pack - This set has enough dinnerware and silverware to serve up to 25 people and includes dinner plates, dessert plates, round bowls, trays, spoons, forks, knives and tasting spoons. It's perfect for stocking up for everyday use or for your next party.

You can check out our new Leafware products and the rest of the Leafware collection here at Paperless Kitchen! Leave us a comment and let us know which products you're most excited to try and why. We'd love to hear what you think.




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