In previous posts, we've discussed various techniques for reducing the amount of junk mail that ends up in your mailbox each week. We recently ran across another method of stopping junk mailings and wanted to pass it on to our readers.

Even if you've taken steps to get on the Do Not Mail list and are using the app PaperKarma to have your name removed from mailing lists, there is nothing stopping an individual from getting your name from online directories and adding you to a junk mail list that they create themselves. 

Having your name removed from these sites can be incredibly helpful and can also protect your privacy. You can make direct requests to some sites, but there are literally thousands of websites that house this type of data.

The fastest way to have your name removed from public directories is to use a service like These services monitor the Internet for your name and automatically send requests to have it removed whenever it appears. The monitoring is ongoing, so if a new site launches and uses your name, the service will catch it and be sure that it is removed. Typically, these services charge a monthly fee, and most are under $10.

Have you used an online privacy service to cut down on junk mail and protect your identity? Tell us about it in the "Comments" section.

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