Top Green Gifts for Men for Under $30 for 2015 Holiday Shopping

Getting your holiday gift list together and checking it twice? If you're trying to decide what to get your dad, husband or boyfriend, brother, uncle, son or another man on your list, there are a number of great eco friendly presents that you can choose from. Here are four of the best green gifts for guys for the 2015 Holiday season:

  1. Thinksport Stainless Steel Sports Bottle, $28.95

Crafted out of sustainable, BPA-free stainless steel, the Thinksport Stainless Steel Sports Bottle is the perfect way for a guy to stay hydrated on the go. This water bottle is insulated and vacuum-sealed, so it keeps beverages at a perfect temperature for hours. A mesh filter is included inside to keep the spout free of ice, and it can be used for hot drinks like coffee and tea as well.


  1. Himalayan Salt Cube Salt Lamp, $25.95

The Himalayan Salt Cube Salt Lamp is powered by a USB port, so it's a great desk accessory for his office. Himalayan Salt Cube Salt Lamps help to improve indoor air quality and remove impurities that can trigger allergy symptoms by generating negatively charged particles. Many people find that they ease stress as well. This light has an LED bulb inside, making it as energy efficient as it is sleek and stylish.


  1.  e-carcare Interior Car Cleaning Kit, $21.99

Give him the gift of a cleaner vehicle in 2016 with the e-carcare Interior Car Cleaning Kit,! This Kit comes with a cloth that removes salt and dirt from metal without the need for harsh soaps and a glass cleaning cloth that will wipe away bugs and fingerprints from the windshield, windows and mirrors. Also included is an atomizer for spritzing water on for cleaning and a mesh bag for storage and laundering the reusable microfiber cloths.


  1.  e-Cloth Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloths, $11.99

This set is the perfect stocking stuffer for the guy who loves gadgets! The pair of microfiber cleaning cloths removes dirt and fingerprints from screens and housings of phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, eReaders and other devices. With the cloths, there is no need to use water or dangerous cleaning products to keep mobile devices clean. He can also use the cloths to clean the television in his man cave!


All 4 of these great green gifts are available for purchase here at Paperless Kitchen, and you can get free shipping on any order of $50 or more.

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