5 Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? If you want to be not just the host or hostess with the most but also the greenest, follow these simple tips this holiday season: 

  1. Skip Dishwashing with Green Disposables. The last thing you want to do after your Thanksgiving dinner is spend hours washing dishes, but that doesn't meant that you have to resort to using ugly, wasteful paper plates. LeafWare palm tree plates and birch bark silverware add rustic elegance to tablescapes and are completely biodegradable and compostable.

Leafware palm tree plates

  1. Send Leftovers Home Right. Do you usually send leftovers home with guests after dinner? This year, pack up extras in Eco Products biodegradable and compostable takeout containers, so guests can enjoy the leftovers and simply throw away the empties without guilt. The containers are sold in a variety of sizes and styles with options for all types of leftovers.


  1. Keep Clean-Up Simple and Green. Make sure you have some green kitchen cleaning products on hand to handle those pots and pans and to wipe down the counter tops and table after you dine. Better Life and Mrs. Meyers have an array of biodegradable, nontoxic products that make it simple to clean every surface in the kitchen.

Mrs. Meyers

  1. Cook and Serve Without BPA. BPA found in many plastic cooking utensils and reusable dinnerware has toxic properties, but you don't have to worry about exposing your guests to the chemical. Preserve and Bamboo Studio offer BPA-free alternatives for every cooking and serving need

Bamboo Studio


  1. Add Festive Color to the Table. Set the tone for a festive dinner with green products in pretty fall colors. In place of ordinary napkins, you can use MyDrap 100 percent cotton disposable napkins in orange and hang the Hip Hooray Harvest ecoGarland on the table or along the wall or the entryway into the dining room.

Hip Hooray Harvest ecoGarland

You can find all of these great green products for an eco friendly Thanksgiving here at Paperless Kitchen. Have you tried any of them already? If so, tell us about your experiences in the comments section!

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