Introducing....MyDrap Cloth Napkins, the Fashionable and Eco-friendly Alternative to Paper Napkins

Paperless Kitchen is pleased to announce the addition of MyDrap Cotton Bunches to our collection. These paper napkin alternatives are a luxurious way to get your kitchen a little more paperless and a lot more fashionable. No need to sacrifice your sense of style for your commitment to the environment with the MyDrap Folded Cotton Napkin Bundles.  

Made from 100 percent cotton, MyDrap cotton squares are 8 inches by 8 inches in size and feel like a lightweight cloth napkin. You can wash the napkins in the washing machine six times before you have to throw them away, and you can recycle or compost them. They are also 100 percent biodegradable, making them suitable for throwing out in the trash as well.


A family-owned and operated company based in Spain, Hostel Drap has developed these MyDrap green disposable napkins on the basis of a design that they pioneered for use in the hospitality industry. Now, you can get these high quality, colorful cotton napkin replacements right here at Paperless Kitchen for a great low price.




We offer MyDrap Cotton Bundles in 15 different colors. Each pack contains 20 squares. Check them out today and let us know what you think!


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