Burlap Coffee Bags Are Being Used to Make Paper

Coffee roasters and coffee shops across the country go through a large number of large burlap bags, which usually end up in landfills once they are empty, as often they are too worn to be reused. A St. Louis-based inventor named Ted Gast has come up with a way to turn this burlap into specialty papers.


To create his line of papers, Gast has partnered with George A. Whiting Paper Co. in Menasha, Wisconsin. The bags are processed and broken down into their jute and sisal fibers and then turned into specialty papers. The name of the product is Kona Paper, a reference to the variety of coffee that comes from Hawaii.


Kona Paper is currently being used by Caribou Coffee Company for business cards and coffee sleeves as well as by other coffee companies across the country. Gast and the George A. Whiting Paper Co. now plan to start producing scrapbooking papers and other varieties of specialty paper with their recycled burlap fibers.


You can check out the official website here.   



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