Green Your Holiday Table with Preserve and Bambu

You've just realized you have more guests for that special holiday dinner than you have matching dishes or silverware! What do you do? Instead of purchasing items that may or may not be eco-friendly, try these green dinnerware products that will decrease the size of your eco footprint on Turkey Day and throughout the rest of the year. The products are made by Bambu, a brand that produces dinnerware out of organically grown, fair trade bamboo, and Preserve, a company that offers dinnerware made out of recycled BPA and melamine-free plastic.

1. Preserve Everyday Plates 9.5" - Available in four stylish colors, these plates are perfectly sized for a big Thanksgiving meal.


2. Bambu Bamboo Knife, Spoon and Fork Set - Buy a set for every guest at the dinner, and you'll have silverware taken care of! There is even a smaller sized set for kids.


3. Preserve Everyday Cups - These durable cups are perfect tumblers for water and come in hues to match the Preserve plates.


4. Preserve Everyday Bowls - Also sold in shades to coordinate the other Preserve dinnerware items, these bowls hold 16 ounces of hot or cold foods.


5. Preserve Reusable Cutlery - This plastic silverware is so sturdy and easy to use that it will change the way you think about plastic forks, knives and spoons!


Which Preserve color do you like the best? Check out our product pages and let us know!


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