Decorate the Green Way with Hip Hooray

Recently, we added Hip Hooray Green Garlands to our collection, and we're excited to offer them to our customers. These festive decorations come in a wide variety of colors for holidays and for parties.

No matter which color you opt for, you'll be getting a green decorating solution when you choose the ecoGarland. That's because the paper is Terraskin, a material made from minerals and nontoxic resins instead of wood pulp. The paper is certified by Cradle to Cradle because of its sustainability, and no water is used in its manufacturing.

Hip Hooray ecoGarlands are perfect for use outdoors and indoors, and they are durable enough to be reused multiple times. Easy to store, the garlands are made with low impact inks and strung with genuine hemp cords.

Check out our Hip Hooray garlands today, and let us know which is your favorite in the Comments section.



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