10 Crafty Ways to Upcycle Old Greeting Cards



Sending greeting cards is a festive part of the holiday season, and it's always nice to hear from friends and family. Photo cards can easily be added to albums after the holidays, but just what can you do with all of those greeting cards if you don't want to contribute to paper waste this holiday season?

To help you decide what's best to do with your cards, we bring you this roundup of creative ideas from the blog and online magazine world:

1. Paper Garland - You can use any old paper, including your Christmas Cards to make this great Paper Garland project dreamed up by Shellie Wilson of Craftbits.

2. Menu Holders - Make your holiday dinner extra fancy by using different greeting cards to make this project from Country Living.

3. Paper Quilt - The paper quilt project from Linda & Harriet allows you to keep your Christmas cards displayed in a transformed way all year round.

4. Mason Jar Lids - If you'll be giving away any homemade treats in mason jars this season, use your cards to decorate the lids as shown in this tutorial from The Sweet Spot. 

5. Chargers - Better Homes and Gardens has a great tutorial on how to convert your Christmas cards into the border for custom chargers for your holiday dinner table.

6. Wine Gift Label - Also from Better Homes and Gardens is this crafty idea for making wine gift labels out of your Christmas cards.

7. Christmas Wreath - Turn those old holiday cards into a festive wreath with this guide from Good Housekeeping.

8. Ornaments - Scoutie Girl has a very cute Christmas ornament idea made entirely from old Christmas cards. You could do an entire tree with these!

9. Gift Bows - Save money on gift bows by using the tutorial from How About Orange for making a DIY bow.

10. Necklace - Make some homemade beads for a necklace with this tutorial from ILovetoCreate. These could even be given as holiday gifts!

Which of these projects is your favorite? Tell us about it in the "Comments" section.


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