Introducing the Leafware Value Pack! Sold Exclusively at PaperlessKitchen!

Do you love eco-friendly disposable Leafware plates as much as we do? We are proud to announce that we now carry a convenient Value Pack featuring your favorite Leafware products! This Value Pack is a brand new addition to our website and is Sold Exclusively at Paperless Kitchen! We are excited to exclusively offer our customers this incredible value so they can enjoy countless eco-friendly meals at a great price.


Leafware has become a beautiful, eco-friendly addition to our dinnertime routine. This value pack is great for the home that loves Leafware so much they want to use it everyday.


This value pack is especially perfect for upcoming holiday gatherings. Whether it is your delicious Thanksgiving dinner or that special brunch on Christmas morning, Leafware 10" Square Plates and Leafware 9"x 6" Trays are the perfect addition to your holiday celebration. These disposable plates and trays will make clean up easy, so you can focus on more important things like friends, family and making beautiful memories.

Our Leafware 9”x6” Trays are ideal for serving appetizers to your guests or even using them to serve a delicious side dish. These trays truly are a beautiful addition to any party or gathering! Picture an assortment of appetizers displayed beautifully on these eco-friendly plates- a sight that is sure to impress your guests! These trays also work great for buffet style dining.


Our Leafware 10” Square Party Plates are the perfect size to serve your main course with plenty of room for delicious side dishes! These dishes are more durable than paper plates and extremely stylish. The best part is that they are fully disposable, making clean up easy! Now you can enjoy your own party without worrying about hours of clean up after your guests leave. With Leafware plates, clean up is easy, quick and guilt free! 

Leafware dishes are strong, stylish and eco-friendly. These exquisitely crafted plates and trays are made from fallen palm tree leaves that are skillfully harvested, dried, cleaned and then pressed. These guilt free disposable plates and trays are all natural, compostable and biodegradable!


Included in the PaperlessKitchen Leafware Value Pack:


With so many different ways to utilize this Value Pack, it is truly a must have for any green home. From catered events such as weddings and Sweet 16's to intimate home gatherings with friends, this value pack will be an elegant addition no matter the occasion. 

Get your Leafware Value Pack today! Sold Exclusively at PaperlessKitchen!

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