Paperless Kitchen Tested: A Bambooee Towels Review

After hearing so much about Bambooee bamboo towels, I was anxious to try them out for myself. In particular, I was curious to see if it really was possible for one roll of 20 towels to be the equivalent of 60 rolls of ordinary paper towels. With the help of a trusty assistant, I decided to kitchen test the towels, and I'm pleased to say that Bambooee towels really do deliver on their promises.

The Basics 

One thing about paper towels that's hard to give up is how easy they are to reach for and use in a pinch. I love that Bambooee towels come in a roll with perforated sheets just like paper towels. They fit right onto my paper towel holder, and they're really easy to tear.

Although they look like paper towels on the roll, you can tell Bambooee towels are different from ordinary paper just by touching them. The feel of the bamboo is soft and silky. It almost feels like fabric to the touch.

The Spill 

I find that paper towels are the first things I reach for when someone spills something, so I had to do a spill test to see how Bambooee stacked up against paper. I spilled a full 6-ounce glass of cranberry juice on my counter and then placed the towel on it. Immediately, the bamboo fibers began absorbing the spill. I let the towel stay in place for a couple of minutes and when I lifted up the edge, there was hardly any juice on the counter. The towel was so absorbent that it didn't drip when I lifted it, and all I had to do was fold the edge over and wipe once and that was the end of my mess. I went to the sink and rinsed the towel, and to my amazement, the juice just started to wash away. After just one rinse, the towel was almost completely clean, and it now has only a very faint hint of a pink stain.

Dirt and Window Film 

I typically clean with a reusable cloth, but I know many people reach for paper towels to do dusting, so I wanted to see how well worked on messes. I used it wet to clean up potting soil and also to wash the glass on one of my pictures. In both cases, I used only water to wet the towel. With the soil, the particles were immediately attracted to the towel, so it was really easy to wipe them away. On the window, my assistant was able to get a streak free finish with just water. He didn't have to do any vigorous scrubbing either. Just gently wiping was all it took to eliminate the dirt.

The Wash 

One of the features of Bambooee towels that I found hardest to believe was that you could wash them in a washing machine, and so I decided that laundering should be my final test. I washed my towel in cold water with no fabric softener and then hung it up to dry as suggested by the manufacturer. My towel came out wrinkled, but otherwise as good as new.

The Summary

My assistant and I agreed that you could use Bambooee towels for everything that you use paper towels for and more. The towels are absorbent and great to use both wet and dry for cleaning. They're easy to rinse and definitely can be machine-washed. I would highly recommend them as paper towel alternatives.  I can easily see how using these towels again and again would take the place of multiple rolls of paper towels. In short, Bambooee towels live up to their promises. 

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Beth Wilson
Beth Wilson

March 01, 2014

THANKS for such a great review. I wanted to check reviews on this item, before buying. Your review covered every question I had!

We saw this last night on Shark Tank. (Feb. 28th) and I was impressed then.

We got through paper towels (just my husband and myself) at an alarming rate. We grab them for everything; when we could just as easily grab the hand towel hanging on the dishwasher. As most would agree, paper towels are NOT cheap.

With Bambooee, you can wash and re-use. Now that, I like!

Thanks again for the wonderful review and I love the pictures you included with it!

NOT to answer for the reviewer, but I would like to address the question that Jennifer posted, about using these to clean out bacon grease, and other oils used for cooking.

Personally, if it were me, I would resort to just using a paper towels for any and all oil wipe ups! In other words, if I needed to wash out my frying pan, after frying bacon, I’d grab a paper towels to wipe it out, before I clean it. Just trash the paper towel. After all, we will always have a need for paper towels to some extent, but I’d say for 90% or more things that paper towels are used for, the Bambooee can be used for, instead!



July 18, 2013

How about using it to drain bacon or other fried foods…do the oils wash out in a washing machine? And once you use up the roll and have all these separate, wrinkly sheets, how do you conveniently (and attractively) store them on your countertop?

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