Mobile Apps Are Helping Offices Go Paperless


As we've talked about in previous blog posts, moving toward a more paperless workplace offers numerous benefits for businesses, but many companies are struggling to implement procedures and policies that can make a paperless workplace a reality. A recent article on discussed how some companies are using mobile apps to cut down on paper use.


At many companies across America, tablets and smart phones are used on a daily basis to help teams communicate with one another at different work sites and while traveling. Now, many companies are having custom mobile apps developed that allow employees to fill out forms, submit reports and complete other tasks that would traditionally be performed on paper. The apps streamline communication while saving paper, and over time, can save companies money.


The article provided one example of a home health care service that requires employees to submit paper-based reports after every client appointment. By making the process automated through a custom-made smart phone and tablet app, the company has been able to reduce costs by $200,000 per year.


For companies that are interested in having custom apps built, there are a wide variety of design firms that can assist. They range from small businesses to large corporations. Many specialize in creating apps for companies in specific industries. Check out the full article on here and let us know what you think in the "Comments" section.


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